March 20, 2011

Beautiful Day

Have you heard a song name "Beautiful day" before?

"Hi~ Hi~ Hi~ Beautiful Sunday..
This is My~ My~ My~ Beautiful day..
When you Say~ Say~ Say~ Say that you love me..
Oh oh oh~ My~ My~ My~ It's a wonderful day!" :D

So, this song suits today, isn't it?
Today is SUNDAY!!!

This coming week, I am going to take my SPM result.. >w<
Very nervous.. zz.. Nobody can tell..

I heard my classmates say, on the day we going to take our results, we still have to go to school for half day, after that, we can leave early, go to our secondary school respectively..
Oh, how I wish that day have legal class, then we can skip.. XP
Unfortunately, Wednesday no legal class.. @@

Our SAM Commerce coordinator - Mdm Cecilia showed us our 1st progress test grade last week.. AABBC.. That's my grades for the five subjects..
Honestly, I'm not so satisfy with the grades.. As my English got a "C".. T^T
For SAM program, English is a compulsory subject which need at least a PASS overall.
Just like for SPM, Bahasa Malaysia must PASS, is the same thing..
My mum suggested me for going to English tuition, before it is too late to catch up..
Maybe, maybe I will go.. Still struggling.. ><

All the best to you.. ^^ and Take Care, my friends.. :)

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