March 15, 2011


okay, let's see how to start this.. :)

It's been some time I am so busy with my school assignments, until I am totally frustrated.. ><

Not only the homework, but also the people, making my life become more difficult..

Why I say like that, huh? o.O

Due to our small class, actually we don't have the chance to know more friends and get to know more kinds of people/mates.. Unlike the A-level classes and diploma classes..

Fortunately, we can built up our classmate-relationship faster than other classes.. 

We laugh, we sing, we play, we joke, we mad, we party, we share TOGETHER!!! :D I think that's the best part of it..

(Better write it down before I forget this.. ^^)

I had a very busy saturday on the last saturday..

It was my college Sport Games Carnival final day. On that day, only got cheering competition and badminton final on-going.. Not like other schools, we don't have racing, long-jump, high-jump, etc.. T^T kinda weird..

Okay, my classmates and I joined the cheering, a.k.a cheer plus dancing (hip-hop and pom-pom).. Cheering is compulsory. We joined pom-pom instead of hip-hop as the choreography is our classmate, Esther.. She is totally good in dancing! ^^ But we joined in last minute.. "Last minute" means the last two days before the competition! wow man~ @@ We are genius!!! I bet you can imagine how we perform on that day.. haha XP

Surprisingly, or I should say, it is unbelievable that we had won the 3rd prize in cheering competition!!! (we are in the Red House - Red Spartan) Go Spartans~~~!

Many of us thought that we don't deserved to win 3rd prize, as the efforts we put in were unlike other houses.. But the fact was, everyone has to accept the reality with a wider-heart..

Before the sports carnival ended, I left early to catch our gathering with ex-classmates.. I was late.. When I arrived there, they were already arrived and waiting patiently..

We had a pleasure lunch time, together.. Sharing our school life and all the happiness moments.. Missed my secondary school life now.. >w<

(Mayee, are you seeing this..?? o.O)

I went back and have a nap, and continue my schedule again on 5pm.. My sister helped me to sign up a short training course. It just started last saturday.. It is a video-editing training lessons.. Our teacher was teaching us some basic terms that we usually will use in video-capturing, just like directing a movie.. "Close up" "Mid shot" "Medium close up" "wide shot"..

And our first assignment is.. To produce a music video clip! =] haha.. cool~~!!! So, we need to 'collect' our raw materials first, then teacher will proceed to the next lesson, which is video-editing.. hehe..

Well, I love to have a busy-lifestyle, better than making spider web at home.. XP

How about you? 8D

I love the into song - Still sang by 2PM. Although it is short, only 1 min 4 sec. But the lyrics are simple and direct.. "Girl, I believe that you will be back.."

Girl 돌아올 거란 걸 알어 난 그렇게 믿어

(I'll Be Back) 나만 바라볼 줄 알았던 너라서
우린 영원할 거라고 믿고 있었는데
왜 이렇게 되버렸는지

(I'll Be Back) 점점 차가워지는 너의 표정이
나를 외면하는 너의 그 눈빛이
날 슬프게 해도 더 아프게 해도~
난 널 사랑하는 걸

I thought that you would only look at me
I believed that we would be forever
Why did it end up like this?
As your expressions get colder
Your gazes begin to ignore
Even if you make me sad, even if you hurt me more
I still love you

-2PM <Still>-

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