April 15, 2011


Finally is Malaysian Studies Final Exam..
I studied so hard last night, i mean i tried my best to finish the syllabus once..
At least I read through.. >_<
Because I wanted to pass this subject!
If I passed, that means I no need to take this subject again when I proceed to uni..
That's why I care so much..

Tomorrow is Econs..
Actually I am totally not in the mood to study..
You can say that my heart is not in IS anymore..
I went for JPA interview yesterday..
The three conductors who interviewed us were friendly and nice..
The interview ended within 30 mins.. (we all thought it may takes up to an 1 hour!!!)
Thank God, everything is alright now. ^^
It's all up to Him to decide what is good for me and my future!
I learned to trust Him a lot, this year.

By the way, I had submitted the Yayasan Scholarship Form today.
Although my chances to get the scholarship is low, but I just submit it, and let them to do the decisions.

My further studies agent called me yesterday, said that my current principal talked to her about my scholarship application.
She (the principal) hoped that I can stay back in IS, to finish my foundation here, and then continue uni later. >_<
What I want to say is, OMG, when she started to care about me?? O.o

When I was going to take the leave application form from the school counter, the clerk called me, and asked whether I am free or not to see the principal..

Honestly, I am so scare to see her.. > <
I don't know what to say to her, if she tries to persuade me to stay.
I am not good in english speaking.. Hard to communicate bah.. @@

So, that's what I exprienced these days..

The best part of today was.. I met him for 3 times in school!!!!!!!!!
For the past few days, I didn't saw him in the campus, but today, I saw him tri-ce!!! XDD
First time, before exam, he is walking up to the stairs, we are sitting down the bench..
Second, after exam, at cafeteria, he walked pass by me when I was filling the form..
Third, he is talking with his friends in front of the stair-case and I pass by him to submit the form..

I am curious about.. Did he saw us sitting at the bench there?? Did he???
... ... ... ... 
I am so like crazy that time.. If he saw me, I bet he will think I am 'ki-siao' or 'sa-po'.. > <
My image is destroyed!!!!! urgh...

Back to normal. Continue my revision now. Bye. :)


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