July 3, 2011

Eating is an Enjoyment

What I realized today was, my cell group members are very good in finding delicious foods!!! XD
Or maybe I should say, they are EXPERTS!

Isaiah, Jason and Kaseng, are the people that I'm describing.

After church night service, Kaseng brought us to a japanese restaurant at Puchong Boulevard --- Kissaten.
The three of them were strong recommending a very special dish, Pork Burger to Vione and me.
At first, I was thinking, a burger, which costs RM10+?? Is it filling?? Is it worth the price?? ...
But after tried it, I found the answers for my doubts.
I AM SO FULL!!! +______+
Thank God~! LOL

In conclusion, I called these guys "experts" now, and I'm looking forward for more and more good foods recommendations. =D

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