July 4, 2011

We are kpop-fanatic! *^^*

Today I went to McD with both my housemates, a Sabahan, and a Guang-Dong people.
Tasted GCB for the very first time. It is super-delicious! XDD

After I had a long conversation with the Sabahan, then I realised that he is also a kpop-fanatic!
He got a very unique name --- Xorale.
He said his father named him after a robot's name. WOW~~! @@

He showed me many music videos, which are ALL in HD!!! NICEEEE!!!
I think we had spend almost 1 hour just sitting at the canteen, and share thoughts about kpop.
I'm happy to meet new friends like him. =)
Maybe next time we can together go KL and watch shows or concerts.. IF WE GOT THE CHANCE
Why not, right?

I met Ah Teh today, on the bus. He was going to Gaint with his friends.
He looks shocked and surprised to found us on the bus, and I like his expression at the time. 8)
When Emmy invite them to join us dinner, they "rejected" us.

As Branden, the Guang-Dong-Ren didn't have McD for dinner, so we went to another place.
Thank God that Branden owns a car, so we no need to travel by bus. How convenient..
We went to Auntie Jenny, and there were full with INTI students!
I ordered a beverage, named "Pisces". Do you know why? HAHA. (^v^)

I received an unexpected call tonight, Alvin called me.
Regarding the Skype invitation. LOL @@ Terkejut saya..
I hope he is doing well now, healthy and happy.
Well, life still need to go on. =)

Gotta go now. Still have homeworks to be done.
Take care~

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