August 26, 2011

Home is where your heart is...

So let's start from the day I'm going home.

Time and situation really shape a person.
Why did I said so?
I was not a brave person, if you knew me last time.
I was afraid of dark, so I switch on the lights when I sleep. (even now also when in hostel)
I was afraid to go to canteen ALONE, as I was afraid other people will treat me as a freak.
But now, I went to take flight back home for two times!!! :D
I am so proud of myself! LOL XDD
First time, I went to LCCT to take AirAsia.
Second time, I went to KLIA to take FireFly.

And now, I am not afraid to take flight all by myself. ;)
By the way, I quite enjoy the whole thing.
No need to suit others time, no need to talk nonsense. Act cool~ XP

Back to home, had Pizza Hut for supper. wow~
The most important thing is ----- talk to family members face-to-face!!!
Seriously, I miss them sooooooo much!!! >__________<

Tonight, I went to cell group and hang out with cell group members after it.
Suddenly something passed by my mind ----- time flies.
We used to be hanging out like this for the last few months, or even 1 year;
and now, things change.
We still eat, chat, share, play, tell jokes... but we became more mature;
not only physically, but also mentally.
Miss those time we stick together all the time~~~ >w<

AHA! Tell you what, tomorrow my family and I will be on travel~~~ ^^
We will be back on 1st of September.
Will update again when we are back. ;)

God bless =)

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