August 19, 2011


Whew, I am done with first Economics, second English, and third Accounting.
Left Management ONLY! And I hate that subject!!! >__________________<
It is more boring than Legal Studies... I mean... I like Legal Studies, actually.
At least I learned something from it. =P

Three days to go, and I will be going home~~~ ^^
It should be a exciting and best looking-forward thing for me, until I received the noticed saying that the flight has been cancelled, so I have to go for the next flight, which is 3 hours later than the previous one.
Ooowh, I almost lost my will to step into the exam hall. D:

Thank God I still survive now.
The Accounting paper actually was not that difficult, is just that I was so wrecked until cracked my head in one small part.
Let me ask you, based on your accounting knowledge, "Restaurant Decorations" is consider as an expense or a non-current asset to you? o.O
How about "Kitchen Utensils" and "Uniforms" respectively???
"Tell me... tell me... te te te te tell me..."

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