August 12, 2011

Let God do the decision

XixI ah, how are you recently?
Same as you, I am checking and reading your blog post every time I online.
Sad to say that, I kinda less use chatting tools to contact with you, as I'm afraid that you will felt boring to chat with me. >< Do you noticed that our conversations in chatbox are always short?
By the way, I also less appears online. XP

Honestly, I am really happy to see you mentioned me in your previous post.
Because you seldom mention me, though. @@ HAHA
Sounds like you are having a hard time now.
From the way you describing that guy, I think he is pretty good guy.
Talented, funny, good in speaking, looks smart, etc.
But is he The Guy?
Hmm, well, I think you can pray to God.
If he really is the one, He will leads you to him. ^^

Although you are going to separate apart, proceeding to uni.
It is a real struggling, don't know how to do, what to do.
I have been through it before, too. XD
'Til yesterday then I know, liking someone just by looking at him everyday, and feel like I had a crush on him is considered as "puppy love".
All the while I thought it means couples that they are together just for "play play" only.

But your case is definitely not as same as mine before.
To prevent yourself from regretting, just go confess.
Pray first, have peace, then GO.
If not, maybe he is just not the one best for you.

Wish you all the best from the bottom of my heart~~~
We are here for you, ALWAYS!!!!!!!

Take care. =)

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