August 17, 2011

The only thing I would like to do now

Whew, after ECO118 exam, honestly I felt nothing at all.
Because the lecturer had given us all the "tips" for exam.
So, I was studying for the whole day... ECONS... ECONS... ECONS...
Plus, I finished playing Cake Mania 4!!! So happy~~~ ^_______^

Suddenly, I was reminded that I have been not thinking or talking about him for days, or maybe weeks. Not even in "stalking" him in fb. XP 
This is a good sign, which proves that I can control myself and my thinking well. Probably reason is I didn't saw him recently. Not even at the canteen, activities room, common room, etc.
But I believed that he is still the only one who I will be very surprised and delight to meet. =)

Now, I will be focusing only in my studies, 'til and until I met another guy who give me the same feelings like he did.
By the way, I am not "lonely" as I had found my new love --- Lee Sungjong!!! <3 <3 <3
I will let him be my 2nd boyfriend, after Wooyoung. ROFL. XDD
(How I wish this is true...) =]

Well, the only thing I would like to do now, is go to bed, and have a nice nap.

Later on, focus FOCUS!!!!!
Tomorrow is ENG112, Friday will be ACC118, and finally next Monday will be MGT112.
Aza aza hwaiting~~~ :D

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