September 25, 2011

Calling Day 2

Wake up at the time of 10AM this morning... Gave mumie a morning call... After that, we (Emmy, Huey Wen and I) went to Telemarketing Department again. =)

So, after yesterday's experience, we are more used to the procedure now and obviously, we did much more calls than yesterday! Way to go~~~ ^__^

As for me, the name lists that I got always not more than 40+. I managed to finish all the calls before the time's up. ;D Brilliant me~ LOL

See... This is what I did after I finished my part... @___@ Boring...

Let's take a look what are my other two friends doing... ^^

Uhh... Busying ahh... >___< They really did a great job!

Everyday we will surely met some special situations, some are funny, and some are not.
Because we are speaking in some sort of China-slang, some of them mistaken us as China-dolls. LOL == speechless......

This is how the name list looks like... =)

Will be continuing this again next week~~~ C=

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