September 6, 2011

Holiday is Over

How ironic, I just finished listen to a song named <Nothing's Over>. @@
My holiday has come to an end. It is going to back to normal study life AGAIN.
So boring~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
I bet no one want to go back again to study/campus,
except for them who their partners/BF/GF are in the campus. ><

Surely not for me!!!
I miss my home so much. Mumie takes care of me, almost everything!
I love to be by her side. ^^
As I will be staying for only a short period here, with them,
so my family members, especially my mumie fulfilled almost everything I demanded. XD
I ate a lot of prawns!!! The prawns here are the BEST!!! XDD with butter sauce... hmmm...
PERFECT!!!!!!!!!! ^0^

Sad to say is, I will be leaving tomorrow.
I will miss them for sure.
The nearest date for Dadie to come to KL will be the end of this month.
Soooooooooooooooo looooooooooooooooooong~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ T^T

Last but not least, I am very worried about my semester 1 result now.
I heard some say tomorrow then the result will out.
Indeed, now is considered as a hard time for me...
Cannot do anything, just pray to God.
I must trust in Him.

Okay, that's all for today.
Tata~ Good night =D

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