September 28, 2011

Naughty Kiss Special Edition :3

AHA, when I was searching on Youtube today, I found something which caught my eyesight.
Naughty Kiss Special Edition??? Sounds like familiar, but not too.
Still, until now I felt so depressed because I haven't got the video of that drama... T^T
With the wifi in our school campus, it's impossible to download files that are too big, example dramas. But none of my friends got the video too. >_________<

Well, this special edition drama is very short de.
Average 10mins++ for each episode. So it is quite possible for me to watch this one.

This Baek couple are really adorable and lovely. =3
After watching the first episode, unconsciously I will click the next episode and load it.
Speaking honestly, I really anxious, or maybe not to use this word "anxious", very curious about how life will turn up after a couple getting married?

Every time we watch dramas or movies, 98% of their endings are something like 'getting married' or 'live happily ever after' or something like this.
Is it always turn up to be 'living happily ever after' getting married?
Obviously, NO!
But why the storys always end here??? I hope to watch more about their married life after that.

So that's one of the reasons why I so enjoying watching this special edition! ^____^

Let's see some photos then~ Maybe you will like them too, like me~~ =D


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