October 26, 2011

Coming back home~~~ :DD

Yippie~~~~~ ^^

But wait a minute, why I still haven't finish packing my stuffs yet?? 0.0
I don't know why I seems like not very excited as last time when travel back home?
Izit because this holiday is very short? (Only 4 days 4 nights)
Izit because the travel distance takes a lot of time? (Almost 5 hours! Plus waiting at airport there ALONE)
Izit because I wanted to go Mersing with my friends?
Izit because of a lot of assignments to do?
=.= Maybe is these all little tiny things added up and made me fussed up! >_______<

Woke up 7am something this morning.
Thought it was already 10am, but it wasn't.
Hoping that there will be a sms from someone; but no.
Wanted to pack my things, but don't know where to start with. @@
Go online and upload photos. So boring~
Many assignments waiting me to finish them, but I don't have mood to do it now.
It's should be "going home" mood =__________=

I'm now looking forward to share my campus stories with Mumie~~~
Actually I had shared with her from time to time, but still, I wish to tell her MORE!!! XDD

Hopefully I will have a great time with my family during this short holiday
so that I won't regret for going back home this time. =))

Happy Deepavali!!!

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