October 5, 2011

Crazy Mad Week!!!

This week is a what I call "Crazy Mad Week".
From Monday, we had our very first test of this sem, which is MAT113 (Mathematics).
Honestly speaking, I didn't put much efforts on this test. I just read through the notes and slides given once or twice, that's it.

Tuesday is much more relax for me as my class starts from 1pm to 5pm.
Is just that, English class is too boring for me. Owwwh! >____<

Then, Wednesday, which is today.
I doesn't like my timetable for Wednesday, because my classes are from 8-10am and 1-3pm respectively. Which means, my free time slots are very short. Between 10-1pm, what can I do? Sleep? Play games? Tidy up my room? or...? I can do nothing! ==
Some more today Emmy and Huey Wen decide to go shopping after Emmy's class finished (5pm), to buy stuffs for tomorrow Foundation Union Club Telematch.
Again, what should I do between 3-5pm? @@ sienzzz

Now, Thursday will be ENG113 Critical Thinking Actual Test.
I can say I am grateful to have Ms. Ambika as our lecturer (in this case) as she gave us a lot of exercises before the actual test. I think we did about 4 or 5 exercises before this, which other classes' lecturer didn't do so.
Maybe, tomorrow 12pm Huey Wen and I will go RHB Bank to collect our account no. If really so, we had to come back before 3pm.
3.30pm all the committees and helpers for the telematch have to done with their stalls and ready for the game to start. They assumed that the whole thing will ends at 6pm (and I hope so too).
Actually I have to attend church cell group after that, but after much consideration, I choose to not go. I am so sorry...... ><

On Friday there will be a test again, CSC111 (computer) test.
Although its only 1 chapter, but it contains all the tini-tiny details about the computer's components. Awww, I'm really not good in this! zzz @@

Lastly, Saturday should be a happy day, but for me, I had to do telemarketing AGAIN for 3 hours!
Actually I'm been thinking that, is it me, myself making my life much harder? 0.0
Why I am doing some kind of work which I'm not interested?? .........

All in all, I concluded that, this week is a CMW...............!!!!!!!!

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