October 29, 2011

So Hot!!!

The weather here at Kota Kinabalu is soooooooooooooooo HOT!!
Almost tidak boleh tahan liao... >_______________________<
I took a nap this afternoon, but sweat alot when I awake... zzz
I was hoping "the temperature will be cooler when its night", but nahhh... you see now, its still HOT!!! omg @@ 

Went to have a dinner with my family tonight at Fatty Chef.
The food there were nice, but its just nothing to drink. =.=

Looks yummy ^~^

And I met one of my classmates when I study at IS. It's Nigel :DD haha
I saw him when we were about to leave the restaurant. Too bad... haizz...
Miss those time in IS... ... ... ... ... Really!!! >w<

Tonight is the last night I spent in KK (for this journey).
Opz, its almost the ending of my short deepavali holiday...
Feel like haven't get fun, then have to leave ady -.-

Btw, something for me to look forward is... My family will come and visit me next month!!! whoohoo~~~ ^^
I'm now started to think where to bring them to... :)) heehee

About to leave to bed now, tomorrow somemore need to go church.

Good night and take care! =DD

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