November 12, 2011

I AM A DREAMER~! +___+

Have you ever dreamed of your favourite bias before?

Well, if YES... Is it once? Twice?? Or Trice??? 8D

If you have know me well, I bet you will know who are my biases! =D
If you don't know... Hmm... I really speechless then. ><

I am a korean fanatic (as you all know). ^^
The reason why I learn korean is because I want to have conversation with my favourite biases IF I meet them SOMEDAY.

Did I told you that I dreamed of Hero before? O.o
I was in secondary school that time.
... but that is the only once that I can remember I dreamed of him... until now... TT^TT

In my early college life, I had been totally crazy for 2PM! Especially Wooyoung.
I 'met' him many times... in my dreams... :P
Unfortunately, I can't recall the dreams now... :'(

After I switched from KK to Nilai, in some kind of coincidence, I get to know INFINITE. :3
And my bias is... Sungjongie~
Surprisingly, who I appeared in my dream wasn't him, but L (Myeongsu)!!!
(I'm sorry, Oni...)
He is truely charming and charisma, I must admit it! ;D


All in all, these are only my DREAMS... U_______U
How I wish it could be true... Could it be? 0.0

Dreams are always beautiful, but they will disappear and seem like never happened before when you awake. 

Do you agree, dreamers? =)

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