November 19, 2011

It Should Be A Happy Starting...

After about 7 months living here alone in Nilai, finally my whole family is coming to visit me!!! :DD

I am soooooo happy and excited to see them last night. And I had a sweet dream too ^^
Thanks to Yik Ting, who had accompanied me for the past three nights~ C=

Unfortunately, I received a sms from Mumie this morning saying that their flight has delayed. ><
Owwwwwww nooooooooooo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
How can this happening??!
Our plan for today will be affected (seriously) because of this delay.
I'm wondering how this flight company do their jobs?? O.O
Can it be more efficient? More reliable?? =.=
I am really fed-up now in buying flight tickets...... zz @@

So, what can I do? ... PRAY and WAIT... I suppose...
Hope that it won't bring too much troubles for my cell group members who going to fetch my family... ><

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