December 17, 2011

16 Dec

Well, nothing special for today.

A big relief after finishing ENG113 exam!!! Give a big smile =D

Once again, I planned to rest for the rest of the day, but I didn't managed to do so. ><
I had been spending all my night watching videos =P

Something that I had achieved for the day is... I eventually learned how to dance <Midnight Circus> chorus part!!! v(^___^)v
I watched hundreds and hundreds times in order to get the dance moves =_____= but it's worth!

You wanna know more about what is the dance I mentioned above?? O.o
Check out my previous post~! Follow the links and you will get to know more~~~ =)

Hmm, maybe I will try out some other dances next time ^.<

My Sungjongie's group --- INFINITE, undoubtedly is a dancing machine group!!! XDD
I wish I could dance <BTD>~~~ >w< T^T

Still downloading videos now... But will go to sleep a.s.a.p.
That's all for today. Good night C=

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