December 16, 2011

Craziest Thing Which I'll Not Forget

Me and my friends actually went to watch meteor shower last Tuesday midnight.

When I was waiting for the stars, I am been thinking what I am going to wish later.
"How I wish he could be here NOW" or...
"How I wish everything I wish will come true"... hmmm...
Totally fussed with all these wishes that I don't even dare to think about it. =.=

We waited from 12am. And the venue is... The round-about in front of the Admin Block. LOLS
And you know what, we actually lied down on the road in order to have a better view of the sky. ZZZ
(Should have a photo, otherwise you don't believe =P)

Around 2am or almost 3am (not sure), then some of us started to see stars shooting.
The stars are hardly to be seen as they are too dim, too thin... My eyes almost can't see anything because of tiredness. ><
Eventually, I did saw one, which I can remember and recognize it clearly.
It just... SHOOOO... appears and disappeared. In a blink of an eye.

"Is he watching these stars too?" I think. My as well I ask him and see. =)
I waited for quite some time for his reply. (I already expected)

"What liu xing yu? Got meh? ... Then what wish did you make?" He replied.
OMG, he asked me what I had wished for. Really want to tell him meh?? =O
The truth is... I didn't make any wish on that night. ^^ REALLY!

However, now I got one wish... To receive a message of encouragement from him, and tell me not to worry so much for my exam tomorrow. =D

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