December 27, 2011

Do you have a 'bodyguard'?

My Dadie went to out-station tonight, so Mean and I represent both my parents to attend a wedding dinner.

Thank God, at first we were placed in a table where I don't have any one I knew. =S
But later, we were 'saved' by church aunty --- Aunty Jennifer. So, we sat with them for the whole dinner. Whew, much better now~ =D

During our dinner, suddenly, one aunty asked me a shocking question ---
"Where is your bodyguard?"


Finally, I get her meaning. What she meant is... Boyfriend! LOLS XDD

Its reasonable and understandable why she asked this kind of question. As there is a childhood friend of mine, she brought her boyfriend to the dinner tonight. She is much younger than me. But... I still don't have a boyfriend. =.= That's what she meant. =)

Well, don't worry. If I found my 'bodyguard' one day, sure I will tell the whole world gea~~~ XP

Honeydew Dessert --- Super Duper Delicious~~~ ^^b

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