January 31, 2012

Back To Normal Life

 I really had a loooooooong sem break this time. Almost 1 MONTH!
My family and I went to a holiday trip to China during this CNY.
Just came back yesterday (Sunday), and I have to travel back to Nilai on the next day...
Completely exhausted!!! >__________________<

A terrible sad case which had happened to me during the trip was...
My iPod screen cracked! Due to my carelessness... U________U
It was the 2nd day of the trip.

Regarding what had happen during my China trip, we will catch up next time. (;

Finally I can experience an idol's life. Why do I say so?
Cause all I remember from my trip is only rushing our schedule... Treated as special guests... Catching airplanes... =S

Arrived KK 10:30PM (29th Jan). Leaving to KL 8:00AM (30th Jan).
This 2 hours and a half trip to KL is not the same as usual this time.
I got Oni who accompany me all the way. =) For the first time!
All the time I had been hating the time, wasting on the plane.
But, Oni 'saved' me. LOLS.
Or maybe, I 'saved' her??! O.o

New year, new semester, new lecturer, new subject.
But most of all, I want a new life! =D
Throw away all the boring things. Turn on the music and live the way I want.
That's how it should be... =(

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