January 10, 2012

Passed the very first level of driving~

축하해여~~~ \\^^//
So worried yesterday night... >___< Honestly!!!
I blamed myself why didn't I just follow my highschool classmates them that time... Probably it will be much more comfortable for me... Got someone who is same age as you... bla bla bla

Thank God and HURRAY!!! I did it!!! =D

Texted Amy as she called in the afternoon.
When I told her I was going to sit for exam later afternoon, she 'comfort' me in a way that... She said, "Very easy de la~~ Maybe you'll come out in 5 minutes~ :P"
I believe in her all the time... So, her words did comfort me... a LITTLE bit... XPP

At the end, I came out after 10~15 minutes. I am really nervous, until I checked all my answers another time. ><
And yet, I thought I can score a higher mark, but... nahh... However, it's okay too~ =)

Even Dadie also sent his wishes to me too~
"Congratulation! Now you've passed your very first level of driving~ Next you can learn how to drive on the road!"

Hmmm, YA, it's true, but... Let me think 'bout it first XP

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