February 28, 2012

Weekend Hanging Out with Dadie

Dadie almost forgot that I need lunch on Friday... @@ But at last, he tapau KFC for me... =D KFC Egg Tart is delicious!!

Ice Tea

Appetizer Plate

Salmon Plate

Finaaaaaly! Dadie brought me to T.G.I. Friday~ I was so hoping to have a taste of the foods there all the while... =) Yea, so the restaurant environment was good. And I was like a candle-light dinner with my dad... =P Not bad uh...

Lemon-Herb Chicken + Potato Salad + Nando's Fries @ Nando's

Tomato Sauce

Heard of Nando's before? As for I know, its a franchise restaurant from Africa.
Its different from other chicken as it is grilled chicken, not fried one.
I love its lemon-herb taste soooooo much~~~ Unforgettable~~~ >w<
And the fries~~~ HAHAHA XDD
Dadie and I went there on Saturday when we were shopping at Times Square. =)
We actually are exploring something which we never 'explore' yet...
So, yeah, Nando's was one of our exploration. =P

Dragon-like Chocolate Cake @ TS

The day we went to Times Square is actually the Founder's Day (25 Feb). The shopping mall was packed with people with blue color T-shirt everywhere. And this huge chocolate cake is part of the celebration.
No no no... We don't eat the dragon. >< The cake is actually underneath the dragon! ^^
Dadie and I, again, tasted it~ Indeed, very nice~

Shopping @ Parkson, Sungei Wang

After window-shopping at TS, next stop we went to Sungei Wang. Initially, Dadie is the one who wanna shop at Parkson for his office wear. But at the end, I've also bought something for myself --- jeans. Yesss, light-blue skinny jeans which I've longing for one.... =3

How about Sunday, you ask?
Nahh, nothing special. Dadie attended for a wedding feast in the morning, and we went back to my campus again after that.

So, that's basically what happened for my last weekend...

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