April 15, 2012

Eyeliner *~*

Wakakakaka~~~ Finally I learned how to use eyeliner ;D

Bought it from SaSa. It costs RM49.90 before promotion, and luckily I got 20% discount as it was during Sasa's Anniversary Promotion. ^^ Its easy to use and bring along. Liquid eyeliner.

Btw, I bought this lip and eye remover at The Face Shop. It is made of rice water (according to the promoter); therefore, it has a very pleasant smell. Unlike the make-up remover we usually use which got those medicine smell. This cost around RM35 because of promotion season too. Can't remember the exact price. ><

Now, I'm moving a step forward to a more Korean girl's lifestyle, which everyone knows how to draw eyeliner and so on~~~ kekeke XD

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