May 17, 2012

5月16日——On The Road...

Are you ready to drive? Yes, I am! =D

After few months of waiting, finally I'm off to go on the road. I mean, not really I can drive freely by myself, but to start to have my driving lessons. This is indeed a very interesting and new kind of experience to me. When I was still worrying on the night before the actual lesson, actually the next day I am able to (at least) control my wheels in a propitiate way, and no accident has happen anyway. =p

For some reasons, I could fully focus in my first lesson. Partly because I slept late last night, and barely wake up in the early morning. Besides, I was told that I may not able to get my driving license by this semester break as there is some sort of freak rules which stated that 'L-license holders can only get P-license after 1 month duration after the previous license was released'. In another words, I, who has just got my L-license, cannot attend the driving test which will be going to held next week. This is awful for me.. Honestly, I had hoping so much for this driving license since last year. As I am now studying at Nilai, this dream has to be forced to put it aside first, and wait until I am available during semester break. How can I describe such a depressed feeling? =/

So, now I officially announcing that, I'll be free and available in KK for the next coming two weeks! LOLS

Btw, I heard that school result is out now. Maybe we can get the letter from the college by next week, if possible. Still have no clue of my result yet.. =)

Hey, Amy Wong S H, are you still there? Why you seem to be disappear from this planet? IMY >_<

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