June 23, 2012

6月12日——Japanese Student Visitation

First of all, I want to tell that how much I thank for this opportunity to be a helper for Department of Students Affairs (DSA), as a so-called 'tour guide' for Japanese Students today. They are all the way from Kyoto, Japan!! x(O.O)x

42 students, with 4 teachers along. Come from Kyoto Prefectural Yamashiro High School. High School Year 2. Average 16 years old. Consists of boys and girls. \(*~*)/

As I usually use quite some time to dress myself, I actually woke up at 6:30am to prepare all sorts of 'decoration'. (>____<) By 8:30am, we are all ready, waiting in the Lecture Hall for their appearance.

I was so amazed as this is my very first time to see/meet so many Japanese High School students in my life!!!!!!! They are in their smart uniform wear, long black stockings, black hair...  So many dazzling eyes looking here and there. Standing beside the door, watching them entering the hall, I couldn't set my eyes on one particular student as I'm interested in all of them. LOLS. xD And finally, I saw some girls with simple eye make-up and long straight hair who caught my attention. Some more, GUYS, I really hope I can bring all of the guys back as my 'collection'!!!!!! (>w<) One or maybe five minutes, I've been thinking whether I'm in a Japanese drama or what. The feelings are so true.

Jodee, Shu Yi and me happening to sit at the last row of line with three Japanese girls. The nearest Japanese student is sitting only one person away from me, an Indian girl was sitting in between us. Her name is Runa, she introduced herself to us. Quite fluent English speaking, able to catch what are we, locals talking about. Impressive!!

Runa and me

Until everyone settled themselves, MC started to welcome our guests. Speech were given by both sides, exchange souvenir... ... Let's just skip that part, shall we? =x

Presentations were given by both sides too, and the Japanese (seriously) did a very good job. They must have put much effort on it. And of course, EVERYTHING IS IN ENGLISH~ ^.< 

The topics of their presentations are: Japanese Festivals, old folks, school activities, students' preferences (food, subject, stationary, cell phone and etc.) and high school timetable. This is to help us to understand more about Japanese culture in order to have a good relationship.

Drama and dance were prepared by two groups of students in their presentations. Light sticks brought from Japan are REALLY different from what we usually see here. When I say "REALLY", I do mean it. See by yourself =D

There are five presentations from the Japanese in total. I enjoys all of them!! ^_^ Starting to imagine to study with them, having classmates like them. =3

Following after the end of presentations, we all are divided into groups. Here comes our ultimate goal of the day --- bring those high school students around the campus! =D Jodee and I are in the same group, together we bring along four sweet Japanese girls: Kazuki, Chika, Hiromi and Mami.

Before the visitation, we were told to be EXTRA careful when it comes to food. It is said that they can't take too spicy food, and we need to communicate with them before they take the foods. I'm glad that they actually enjoys our Chinese foods, such as fried noodles and noodle soup. Besides, we also ordered naan --- a Pakistan dish, which they enjoys it too. =)

After lunch, we started to have our campus tour. Library, Science block, Resource center, Hanger are the 'must-go' spots. Since I been studying here for one year, this is my very first time to step into our uni's Hanger --- the place where aircraft students have their classes with a model airplane inside. 

The weather was super hot that day. >< We had a drink in the cafeteria, and had some rest. I was quite surprised that the four girls actually have unique taste in choosing drinks. Usually we will have milk tea or something sweet; in fact, what they have ordered were... Strawberry, Honey Lemon, Pineapple. Later on, we had our leisure time, taking pictures and exchanging our contacts. 

Before we left the cafeteria, Kazuki together represents the other three girls, gifted us a pen-holder, made of special wood found in their homeland. It was a special gift and full of memories. 

Around 2PM, it's time to say 'sayonara'. All of us, including all the teachers and advisers, took group pictures. I don't want to miss the chance to take photos with the Japanese boys too~~~ keke =p

Other than words, we hugged each other, to show how we appreciate and treasure this friendship. It's always hard so say farewell, but...

Dear Chika, Hiromi, Kazuki and Mami:

I really enjoys the time we hang out together. Hope you felt it too. =)
私たちを忘れないでください~~ (^o^)

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