June 23, 2012

6月23日——Recent, uni life

Its been some time I didn't update here. =(

Although it is only the third week of my uni life, I'm full with activities and these are making my life so HECTIC!!! Yes, I use this word "hectic" as it best describes my life recently. No exaggeration. ><

I never imagine my uni life will be like this. I thought I'll be like the same as my Foundation time. As I first joined Christian Fellowship, a society/club, my life totally changed. I started to get involved in club activities, joined committee, go meetings, do posters... And all these works are repeated every week!!!

Even my friends who commented they are still not used to my change, as I was the one usually hiding inside my dorm. I dare not say whether this is a good change for me because I'm not that confident to cope my academic as well as my club activities. =/

Any suggestion? =)

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