July 1, 2012

7月1日——First July

Bye June, Hi July!^^

Recently, I've been quite interested with a Korean singer, Juniel. Have you heard of her?=)

Such a sweet girl. As I know, she is the same age as mine, but more talented (of course =p).
She gained a lot of attention since she debut, and is often known as the second-IU. The main reason is because she can play guitar and write songs. Talented, agrees?

If you noticed I've changed the background music of my blog, its actually Juniel's <Stupid (바보)>. I love this song very much~~~~~~~~ >w< Try listen to it when you got time, k?

1st day of July, what to do? =/

Btw, I've just finished my first draft for CV (a.k.a. resume). My dad asked me, why do I need CV now?
Well, to answer his question (and maybe yours too), its part of my assignment. =)

Wanted to continue writing my story.................................. But seems like degree life don't allow me to do so. =s

How about your July? Are you excited?=D

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