July 10, 2012

7月9日——An Unreal World · Imagination

I used to think alot, imagine alot.
This troubles me some time when I'm fall too into it. =s

At the meantime, I quite enjoy reading fanfiction. :D
FYI, 'fanfiction' is a term to describe stories written by fans using their biases' as the main characters. =)

Besides, I actually admires those who wrote them, and wonders how they actually get those ideas from. Sometime, the story line did triggles me to imagine how will it be IF THIS IS TRUE. =/.

Pulling out from this unreal world is not easy for me, as I enjoys 'living' in it. (kinda creepy><)
However, we have to wake up from every dream eventually.

I'm going to share a fanfiction link, story between EXO Chanyeol and Baekhyun --- <Absolute Chanyeol>. The story line is kinda similar to a Japanese Drama "Absolute Boyfriend", which I watched and enjoyed the drama too. ^^

For your pleasant reading:

Chanyeol (left) & Baekhyun (right)

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