August 10, 2012

August 10th - People around

We have grown up. No longer little children, but not yet an adult.
Teenagers, I would say.
However, we are already exposed to the real, crucial world in our early age.
Some they can adapt themselves quickly into it; some they will rather just stay in their "comfort zone".

Not to say I have alot of experience in life, but, when people around, think childishly (which I really cannot bare it), frustrated me alot!! >_<
"How old are you this year?" This is the question I wanted to ask them. o.O

Besides, there are people around me who get into my nerves while they talked... Just like my new housemate...

"Hey xxx, can I go to your room and talk to you? Cause these people are not talking to me." (<== and 'these people' refers to me and my other two housemates)

"Somebody has to do something with that T-shirt! Ohhhh....[sound frustrated]" (<== and she is actually referring to the FUN Run T-shirt that I'm wearing)

"Are you girls come here to make noise?" (<== and this, she is referring to two of my classmates who I brought them to my room, and we just laughed, not making noises)

"You're such a terrible/bad housemate! ... You should have call her to ask her situation."
And my reaction was, "Then why not you call? I can give you her number, if you don't have."

"I want to loss weight... Diet now."
 So, don't eat ice-cream and McD, but ate the whole pack of KitKat family pack??

Don't think that you are more mature just because you're older than me.
You're just no difference with the kindergarten child who cannot control his/her temper, trying to get other's attraction.

IF you don't like me, you can just ignore my presence. NOT trying to buli me by your words.
I don't care whether you like not or not, don't care whether you are buying me things/expensive stuffs or not. DON'T CARE! I don't need your things, anyway. Duhh~~~ ==

Ah, BTW I don't fight back you doesn't mean that I can be/willing to be bulied. NO!
I just don't want to be LIKE you... =)

"My identity is anchored in a place where beyond all human praise and blame"

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