August 19, 2012

August 19 - Rest & Rest

First of all, Happy Raya Festival!

I need to thank this raya festival, for letting me go back home to 'recharge'. =)

Probably its been over one year since I left for study, the feeling of coming home is not as strong as last time. Only the day before I departed, then I started to pack my stuffs. First time, I brought my luggage which is not exceeding 7kg. (I used to bring a lot of unused stuffs last time)

Maybe you already know (or not), I injured myself last Friday, during a class activity. My left leg was swollen, injured left ankle, and knocked my right left. Thanks to my friends. I felt so warm as they took care of me during that time. Now, since I came back, my mother has become my 'private nurse'. HAHA Went to see doctor yesterday, and I'm applying medicine now. He said, I will recover within one week.

Left 9 days (includes today), what I should do in this holiday, other than powerpoint presentation and revision? =o

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