August 7, 2012

August 6th - New Talent

Just a moment ago, I've just discovered a new talent of mine... Changing my voice to become others'. (>_<)

Although it doesn't sounds believable to you (not to me too ><), yet ITS TRUE!!! =D
Jodee (the left in the picture) actually couldn't recognize it was me who is standing outside the bathroom, talking to her. @@ Funny right? IKR, cause this makes me and Shu Yi a.k.a Stalie (middle in the picture) laughed like crazy. LOLS

Currently I'm enjoying reading <Hunger Games 3: Mocking Jay>. It's been a long time for me to get some free leisure time, which is enough to settle down, read a book.

Looking forward for Hari Raya holidays, as I'm going back to KK for 11 days. Such a long holiday yea? WHOOTS!!! ^^

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