October 11, 2012


예쁘죠? ^^

내 친척언니의 선물입니다.쉘로 만든 슬리퍼의 모양.

너무 좋아해요~

오늘 마지막 운전 강의를했다.


다음 주 테스트를 해야합니다. 긴장과 스트레스 느낌이있어서.

많이 연습했었어 잘 될 거같아요. ㅎ =)

p/s: I know it is really hard for you to read/understand what I'm writing here. Maybe you might just feel like clicking the "x" button after a glance. FYI I am currently trying to learn Korean efficiently, starting by forming short sentences. You may try to use Google Translate, but maybe the translation outcomes will make no sense to you at all. Me either, not 100% understand what I'm writing here also... Duh @x@

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