October 12, 2012


재중오빠 트위터으로 100만 명의 추종자를 전달했어서 축하합니다!!! *^^*

오빠 정말 팬들는 많아. 전 세계... 

오늘은 노래를 연습했었어요. 여자노래를 고르했습니다.

기대해주세요~ =)



From now on, I will divide my post into two parts: Korean and English/Chinese.
Hope it will not confuse you @x@

Share some pictures with you~ =3

This is the exact classroom where I had my kindergarten lesson when I was 5 years old. =D
It wasn't name "Joy 2" but "E2" that time. ('E' simply stands for 'English')
Last time, classes were divided into two major teaching languages: English and Chinese.
And yea, you can say I was 'half-English-educated', but not now. LOLOLS xD

Tada~ I spent my Year 2 kindergarten life here. ^^
Do you see a Cross here? Don't doubt, this is a church-based kindergarten school.
Childhood memories just flashback in my mind now... ...


Piano at the corner of a brick wall? Old-fashioned? o.O
Not at all!!! ><
I still remember every morning we have to gather in front of our classroom there, a teacher will play the piano and we have to sing along with the rhythm.
We were so naive in those days... How good will it be if it can last a bit longer...?

The end of picture sharing.

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