October 14, 2012

10월13일 - 행복

오늘 엄마와 언니가 내 생일을 축하 했습니다...

너무 감사 드리구요 또 행복하세요~ ^^

오늘 나의생일을 아니지만, 진짜 생일 처럼, 나 선물과 케이크 받았어요.

언니가 나하고 같이 유학갈게요. 엄마 많이 슬퍼 하지마.

우리는 빨리 돌아 올 거야... 그래서 외로운 생각하지 마세요. =)

STPM시험 화이팅~!!! *^o^*



We went out for last gathering with Oni today.
At first, we were planning to go for a movie, but I changed my mind afterward.
Sorry Oni, if I made you down... ><

I felt relieved after I heard that Oni was experiencing the same situation as me, in our driving lessons.
Maybe we are REALLY in trauma for driving now... T__T

Unlucky for Oma, who was craving for CHEESE...
She couldn't get her cheese since last time, and even today...
At the end, she ended up eating a bowl of Tom Yam Soup. @@
Yes, there is only SOUP and MEAT ONLY. NO MEE!!! =_=
I bet this really get on her nerves, but she calmly controlled her anger.
Such a good characteristic of her =3 hehe

Unexpectedly, they celebrated my birthday today.
I was totally unaware of their plan. Even at the time Oma was standing in front of the counter...
... And suddenly "This is for you, Hyoeun. 생일축하합니다... "
They even do the love sign... <3 

엄마 언니 사랑해요~~~ <3

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