October 13, 2013

10月13日 - A Relaxing Day

My holiday finally looks like one!
Woke up 7AM in the morning, getting ready for morning church service.
Felt that I had a great start for my day since I woke up early (so should I keep this as a habit? o.O)

Went to McD for Beckie Wrap breakfast meal.
My youngest sister was crying for it since last week.
You know, adults like my parents don't really fancy fast food breakfast like we kids do.
As a result, three of us went for it without parental companion. =p
Although it wasn't as big or as filling as I thought, the wheat taste really satisfying.
Good breakfast! =)

As a result of waking up early in the morning, I get tired easily.
So I took a nap.
It was a breezy day, hence I slept comfortably until noon.

Since my sister, Miin, is going to complete her secondary school soon by the end of this year, we family started to gather information of potential universities by attending educational fairs. There was one held today and we went together. Well, I can't actually give her good advice as she is from science stream, where I'm not. (>_<) However, it's very proud for our family to have her who is so passionate to pursue her studies in medical field. Hopefully she will get through it ^^

Soon after that, dad brought my younger sister and me to workout at gym for nearly an hour.
It was the second time we went for gym in this semester break.
I couldn't say for physically, but mentally, I felt healthy and refresh after the workout session.

Then the whole family went for dinner at Chef Tan.
A very nice place located at The Peak, with beautiful peak view (as said in the description).
By the time we reached there, the sky was already dark and all we can see is those little lights from the city.
I quite enjoyed the dining environment there. Homely. Comfy. Like a small western cottage.
It serves both Asian and Western food.

 Lamb Chop

 'Yong Chow' Fried Rice

Signature Hokkien Pork Chop

The food was nice, but I try not to eat too much if not all my effort in gym would be a waste @_@
My dad likes this place so I guess we would come back again. And will try out more new dishes next time!

If you think my day ends like this, you had a wrong guess.
How can a perfect day ends without DESSERTS?
So...... ZenQ ^^

Signature Milk Shaved Ice

Besides ordering our all-time favourite, My Signature, we tried out this shaved ice dessert in demand of our maknae (youngest member). Thou it was a cold rainy night, we still couldn't resist to have these ice desserts and I almost wanted to order another bowl of it. (>w<)

What I can conclude today is, FOOD UNITES US TOGETHER xD
......Well, just for today =p

Hope you enjoy reading this. Food diary. LOLS

Good night peeps!^3^

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