October 14, 2014

14 Oct -- Writing Korean Rap Lyrics

Finally I showed some / minor improvement in my lyrics writing skill..
This time, I wrote Korean lyrics, and it is a rap

I wrote Chinese song lyrics and English short rap before
But this is my first time writing Korean rap lyrics
And there are two verses, 16 bars
(So excited~ HAHAHA)
Actually it is for my song cover
Initially there is NO rap, but I added in myself (TEEHEE~)
Please do look forward for it ^^

Will I be able to write more fluently and frequently in the future?
I hope so :)

Move to another topic
I'm so blessed that I actually got pampered alot by my parents during this sem break
They brought me to many places and tried out new foods / drinks / desserts since I had a food-to-eat list :p

Today mumie brought Mean and I to Georg Peck for Milk Tea and Waffle
It was a super duper HOT day.. and I almost got strucked by the heat
I couldn't deny the saying that "the weather is so unpredictable" since it was raining dogs and cats last week until some places flooded
But now... HOTTTTTT ><
A cup of refreshing icy milk tea is just what I want :)
Thanks mumie!

Am going to meet a secondary schooling old mate tomorrow -- Amy
When was the last time we met? 1 year? Or more than that Hmmm
Its gonna be a loooong chat and update for tomorrow
... And I'm excited!

Gotta off to bed!
Good night :)

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