December 14, 2014

12 Dec —— Neway K Chart Awards Ceremony (Malaysia Awards)

thank you Emmy for getting us VIP tickets to attend this music awards.
It's my first experience to attend a music award ceremony. Artists performing LIVE on the stage.
Priceless experience, I would say.

It took us more than 2 hours to reach the venue.
Despite the distance, it was the work-off time which was super traffic jam, plus it rained heavily in KL area that evening...

By the time we reached, we were lucky to watch some of the artists made their red carpet entrance.

Large screen to watch the whole ceremony

Many artists attended the award ceremony. Mostly Malaysian local artists since it is a local music award ceremony. (BTW, Neway is a company which provide karaoke service.)

Attendance of artists:

Got Vic (张祖诚) 's autographed CD! :D
So lucky~
(BTW, we were there to show support to Vic. You can see the sign board right?)

After the ceremony ended, everyone rushed to the lobby area to take photos with the artists.
Gosh this is my first time seeing fans rushing over artists LIVE ! (always read in magazines and all)

How would I miss the opportunity? NO WAY!

Photo with Jin 薛炳进
Meet Singer Jin. (Not BTS' JIN, nor alcoholic GIN) 
He came to perform in our uni not long ago. For a charity concert held by LEO Club.
That's when I started to know about him and his songs.
And this time, I'm happy to be able to hum along his song during tonight's performance.
It was a regret that I didn't able to take photo with him last time.
And now, I'm just gonna grab this chance!

Jin, Truly, I think you're a good singer. You have good voice.
Please keep on doing good music and made we Malaysians proud! ^^

Alvin 钟瑾桦
Meet Alvin, a singer and also an actor recently.
(Good-looking guy huh :D)
He is one of the main actors for the newly released Malaysian production movie
《3 Brothers 吉龙波》
Don't really able to relate to him more, but definitely would want to follow his updates later on.

Photo with Ant 陈蚂蚁
Meet underground-singer, Mayee, and also my friend ! HAHAHA XD
Just kidding~
Well, why not? She sings well!! Definitely~ I love her singing
Thanks to her as well, to be my accompany for tonight's event
Since we both love music, we really enjoyed the live music performance a lot~
And we (I guess she will agree as well) would love to expose to more music expensive like this!

Maybe we should drop-by Neway one day to sing k?
I hope they have the latest KPOP songs, and BTS as well ㅋㅋㅋ

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