December 5, 2014

4th Dec —— Emotion Swift

People may think I am the person who is always joyful and cheerful. With big smiles.
But I do encounters time when I don't feel like smiling, don't feel cheerful, feeling down and all.
Apparently when I do so, people around me seemed to start keeping a distance from me, not wanting to know or care what's going on.

In turn, people start glaring at you in a some-what careless and emotionless look, while I could imagine the caption to be "I don't know what's happening with you, and I don't bother to know".

To be frank, its sad to see how people or friends around don't really know how to cope with you. Not knowing what is the right thing or right word to say to a person who obviously looks like need somebody to talk with. Personally, I admit that I'm not good in dealing with people who need caring and attention. Some what it doesn't make sense when I started to blame people around me "why aren't you caring about me?" while I may have done the same thing to them too, previously, and unknowingly (probably :/).

SO this EMOTION SWIFT thingy came in quite a sudden, damaging and destructing me, whole body, mind and soul. I was clueless about this until I realized I'm starting to cry like a baby. (What? NO) YES, starting to cry when your mum calls, like no reason. But on the next second, you've got hundreds on reasons to cry about. Well, technically, you would be able to put it all together with one word - PMS. (Don't know what it is? Google it.)

How can you see the emotion swift?
Well, it wasn't clear for me, but I think people around you definitely can tell.

I start to argue with friends on tiny things. Like what time to have our dinner, what to eat, ...
And argue with myself. "Why they acted that way? What's wrong with her? She didn't just talked back at me, did she?"
... and why am I acting like THIS??

Instead of being emotionless, I was so sensitive, up to a point which I'm feeling EVERYTHING!

My mum was like in total confusion. Imagine a few days back, I called to tell her about the exciting day to be with the Japanese students, showing-off the photos we took together with big smiles; and now I am talking on the phone, emotionally broke-down, choking back tears, saying "I had a bad day; Everything seems so wrong for me today".

Good thing is, there is still one female or woman I could talk to - my mum ! (Thank God for that !)
Seriously, girls, if you're having similar issues as I, probably the best thing to do is to find someone (older, experience, caring and understanding, woman). Articles may say chocolate helps, well in this case, it doesn't work on mey (duhh, oh well).

And we have identified the reason behind all these bad emotions - the awful crazy cramps that I'm having. ><
So my house-doctor a.k.a mum gave me a prescription - take panadol and pray.

I felt much better in terms of emotion after the chat. Like a relief. That's why I'm able to write here and share with you all. [ Smile :) ]

Boys, if you're reading this, PMS is not something scary, really. I think all you have to do is to show your care and understanding to the girl or woman beside you. Don't tease or laugh at them (which it is so unwise to do so). Don't look at them differently from usual days (which somewhat you may make things complicated if they get you wrongly). Try not to argue with them (in case you are ready for a war!). Don't be panic if she cries or emotionally broke down in front of you (pass her a tissue box and ready to lend your ears and shoulder). Don't take it by heart if she talked harshly with no reason (most probably she will regret by saying those to you when she gets back normal).

Cheers !

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