December 6, 2014

6th Dec

Another free and easy day. Chill.

Had lunch with Yikting.
And straight went down for second round - high tea.
Spent almost 3 hours, catching up with life this semester.
I really do enjoy this kind of quality time together. And I think we should do it often!

Very upset because of the "no electricity in whole campus on Sunday" notice.
What am I gonna spend my day?
At the end, I've decided to attend church service in the morning, which I guess it could kill some time until afternoon. Like what mum has suggested, I can get a bath after service, hopefully the weather doesn't kill me. I wish I can get over the day ASAP..

Oh ya, I fixed my Google Chrome browser.
To readers who may not know what's happening, actually I've been suffering with the browser for quite some time. The extensions which I've removed from the browser automatically plugged in again once I log-in and -out the browser. Which includes my bookmarks, history, and all. I've tried some of the tutorials available on the website to get rid of it, but they didn't work in my case. At last, what I did was to uninstall and re-install the browser - and IT WORKS ! (Finaaaaly! Hurray!) I should have done this much earlier.. (why I didn't? hmm)
So friends, if you suffer similar issues with Google Chrome like I did, don't hesitate to uninstall and re-install the program. It's less hassle than other way. It will take you like 10-15 mins. BUT take note, make sure you backup your bookmarks, browser theme, and etc. by signing in to your Google Chrome account before you uninstall the browser. You will be able to retrieve your previous settings after you re-install and login to your account later on ;)

Back to my life story, again.
My exam timetable has came out.
15, 17, 19 Dec
Thank God at least I have plenty of time to get ready for every next paper!
Still, I think what I'm gonna do tonight is, to plan my revision timetable. (>_<)
It's always awful to spend time with the whole stack of powerpoint slides and journals.
But I guess I would miss these days in no time when I get into the working field.
So, should I be glad or be sad?

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