December 7, 2014

7th Dec

Whatsup when whole campus is without electricity? Plus its a Sunday :o

Since I've haven't been attending church services lately, my parents are worried, especially my dad. Don't know since when our conversation on Saturday will always revolve around the issue of me attending a church service. (I know, dad, I really get you, it's just...)

Well I guess maybe God has everything on plan. And I've decided to give a shot. (You can imagine how delight my dad sounded from the other end of the phone after knowing this, and he almost pray that there will be no electricity every Sunday! XD)

It started not-so-smooth.
Since my sister, Miin, went to church earlier to do some preparation stuffs, I was alone waiting at the guard house for church van to fetch. But then I realized, I don't even know who am I expecting, and no contact number to reach as well. By the time I called Miin, she silent-ed her mobile. (OMG) What should I do next? There was a 7-seater car drove by, picked up some of the African mates, but no sign of expecting my presence (which I thought if Miin has told her leader about this, someone should at least look out for fresh face like me, who is standing here like so lost).

Not long after the car left, there was a yellow car parked not far away from the guard house. I can't see who was inside, but he/she seemed like waiting for someone either. At last, the guy came down from the car and asked me, "Are you going to church?" "Yes." "Which church?" "Acts." "Owh you're Yee Miin's sister?" "Yes yes!" GOD YOU FOUND MEEEEYYY (Yay!)

While we were chatting along the way to church, I found out that we actually met before two years back in our first CF camp at Peacehaven, Genting. His name is Edward. OMG he really does have elephant memory! For me, he looks familiar, but I cannot tell where did we met. He even can remember my Chinese name (which people find it difficult to pronounce that's why I rather introduce myself as Sakura. See? Easier :D ) What's more shocking was when he said he actually can tell Miin is my sister which is super odd. (Why?) Because both of us keep on hearing people say that we don't look alike, and many got shocked after realizing our bonding. Really impressive! :D

The sermon today was about why sometime God reveals to you, and why not some other times. (Just like now you see me, and now you're not) To be honest, I wasn't able to pay 100% attention throughout the message. But somehow, the sermon encouraged me to keep on pressing forwards with my dreams (life breakthrough). Believing by faith. God will provide a way. Maybe I don't see it coming, but believe in Him by faith.

After the service, I was surprised to see some of the faces which I haven't seen for quite a while. Samuel, Jason and James. The last time we met (I think) was also two years back while we attended a student award ceremony as CF Club representatives. Oh my. Time flies. Nevertheless, I'm so happy that they actually can still recognize me and call by my name after so long. (Which in another way, I'm very embarrass that I didn't recognize them at the first sight ><) Guys, you all do have elephant memory!!

This is mind-changing. I shall not take it too easy with guys next time :p
Who knows, maybe your boyfriend can remember the anniversary dates better than you! ... when we first argument, where was the venue, date, time etc... (just kidding)

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