January 27, 2015

January 26 - Happy 30th JaeJoong Day

What day is today? :)

Oh my gosh, it's Jan 26th!

What's so special about that then?

That's because its our dearest Jaejoong oppa's birthday! *^~^*

[Trending hashtags of the day: #Happy30thKimJaeJoong #30thJaeJoongDay ]

To Jaejoong (as if you would read it, someday, one day),

Truly from my heart I am glad that you were born, to bring laughter and entertainment to us. People who know you little may thought you have cold heart underneath your cold image, but I bet their mind would change instantly if they have just 15 seconds to spare with you, and fall in love with your unbeatable charisma. Heaven knows how exposing me to kpop would have bring me this far. And it all started with a little spark. JJ, for years you have been my ideal type of guy, and still I can say so for now as well. I guess my mum doesn't see it neither. True enough, friends and family of mine do know the fact that I am a die hard fan of yours. One of my "to-do list" of my life would be to meet you in person at least once, and having the opportunity to converse with you in good terms. I think I have mentioned before and I am going to tell again, you are my motivation in many ways, for instance, in learning korean. Please take this as a compliment and courage in good way. I do hope that the day of us meeting would be soon. 

Instead of bringing luxury or flowery birthday gifts to you, allow me to present my wish on your day. Wish you all the best in music production and filming, I am pretty sure they all will be daebak. Wish you and your family members are in good health condition. Wish you will pass through the national service smoothly and safely in the near future. And pray that your life would be a fruitful one and be many blessing to the others. 

Happy Birthday! ^^

With love.,

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