January 28, 2015

January 27 - Theatre and Acting Session 2

I will start with my acting journal here with the second session of class.

Our module leader, Mr. Mano, led us through a whole long practice of actual breathing. How to breath in, sustain, and breath out the air. He even went through lecturing us about the correct way of sitting, telling us that the importance of sitting posture helps in protecting the organs and body system. Kind enough, he told us stories about himself in a couple of Near Death Experiences (NDE) whereby the rationale was to understand and to take care of our bodies.

Today is the day of presenting our own 5-minute short play. Everyone is going to act together with their groups. My group of 5 members consist of AJ, Ethan, Maria, Lan and me. Basic storyline was contributed by AJ, and Ethan with the dialog. Our story was about "Amy and the Magical Necklace". 

To sum it up, Amy is an unwelcome girl among her friends and classmates. She is shy and lack of confidence. Her classmates, Kim and Bruce tease on her everyday and talk at her back. One day, Jazlyn caught up seeing the incident where Bruce "accidentally" pushed Amy to fall. After having a coffee with Amy, Jaz then devoted herself to bring Amy for a whole set transformation. Before leaving, Jaz gave Amy a heart-shaped necklace which claimed to have magical power and transform the wearer in and out. 

...On the next day, Amy can feel that the atmosphere around her has changed and everything seems good. Instead of teasing her again, Bruce even came up to sit with Amy and Jaz for lunch. However, Kim was rather pissed off because her gang-partner has changed his attitude towards Amy. Nonetheless, Kim was invited for lunch together with the rest if she reckons bullying is not a cool thing. 

...To the surprise of the rest, Kim did showed up on the next day for lunch. While they were talking, Bruce noticed Amy wasn't wearing the heart-shaped necklace. Amy was in a shock because she thought her day would be a mess without the magic necklace. However, she realized that her day actually went well. Upon asking Jaz to clear out her confuse, Jaz told her that the necklace wasn't special nor magical at all. It was just a tool or trick to bring out the inner bright side / confidence of the wearer herself. Jaz even told her that she was in Amy's situation before until someone showed up for her, and gave her the necklace just like what she did previously. 

...And a little twist to the story, the girl who gave Jaz the necklace was the girl who narrate for the story all the while. -the end-

Feedback from Mr. Mano was given and kindly received.
To establish the characters and to answer audiences' questions, more details should have put forward. Such as, why Amy was dislike by the others? What did she do? 

Besides, the play was mostly performed in a sitting position. Sitting would restrain the movement of the lower parts of body and restrict the story to be delivered in a more lively manner. To consider audiences who are sitting in the back rows, actors who are in their sitting posture might not be hardly seen by them at the back.

Upon receiving such comments, I really felt myself in the ACTING class at last. Issues which weren't in our consideration have been brought into light. And that's when I know we are in the process of improving ourselves. Which is good, of course.

Our next task would be to lengthen and give some more development into our story. Three more students were brought into our group since we need more manpower as of acting characters. Three of them were presenting a role play on the interaction of a new lecturer and her students. Since both our plays involve students and happen in campus, Mr. Mano believed it would be good to combine us. Now we have 7 females and 1 male members. Lecturer has given a the green light to recruit male actors from the other groups, and I believe things are getting more interesting!

'Til the next time. ^.<

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