February 24, 2015

February 24 - Theater and Acting Session 4

Although we have 27 students whom enrolled for this subject, only 14 of us showed up today.
Most of them still on their holiday, not yet back from vacation.
But it doesn't stop us from proceeding what should be doing.

After doing some breathing exercises (as usual), Mr. Mano showed us an episode of Malaysian soap drama <Kopitiam> which he was one of the starring actors. The title of the particular episode was <Fatal Affection>. Well, I would not go into what's the story is about. Just in general, although the drama was filmed decades ago, the element of comedy still remains. The jokes are still "powerful" to make us laughed and we were very much entertained.

The rationale behind showing this soap drama was to train us to identify "what is a storyline?".
So what was the storyline?
Don't get it wrong with 'synopsis' thou.
Well, the story was about a guy who is making a film with the help of his friends based on his own personal experience in dealing with women. (Basically that was it)
And as a writer, he/she will be adding more and more elements into the storyline in order to make it more interesting (or, dramatic).

The second half of the session was something different.
We did "cold read" meaning reading the script without any acting.
To me, it's some sort of script reading session.
So we did "cold read" on a Malaysian piece, called the "Atomic Jaya", written by Huzir Sulaiman.
We got the raw script the week before we all went off for CNY holiday.
Not to my surprise (so as to Mr. Mano's), there are many who didn't bother to read it beforehand. (That's the culture in my university)

We sat in a circle where each one of us will get the chance to read the script, one followed by another. Round and round.
The whole process of reading was taking quite some time. More than we expected it to be.
But I would say, it is very interesting.
I was always wondering how does an actual script reading session would look like?
I guess, I pretty can get the picture now.
I know, we (most of us) are not professional actors or actresses by now, but still, it is fun to have such interactions.
Only I hope we could have more chances of doing this. And with more variety of participants.

One thing I must mention is that, Mr. Mano has commented that I have good English.
My mind went blank. I was so flattered! I mean, this is the first time I heard such a compliment..
He even thought I was from an English speaking background.
Although it was just a simple and short compliment, it made my day! :D Really.

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