March 27, 2015

March 26 - Urge for Communication

Why everything around me suddenly seem to be so out-of-control?
Why all these are happening one shot in my last semester?

Like I always say, people tend to group into the one fits them
Maybe this is just not the group I belong to, I guess

Dealing with people aren't easy
Especially with those who are stubborn or hard-head
The more I get to know them, the more I agree

On top of this, things get more complicated when it comes to the understanding the opposite gender
Not to be sexism, I am just stating the fact

Since I am a girl, I tend to understand and know how girls usually think, the way of their mind path and rationale
But of course, these don't apply to guys
So when I am trying to figure out things on the opposite gender, to think on their shoes
However, do they care to think on our shoes as well?
Usually they just choose to not speak up their minds
And I personally really hate this feeling of guys being so secretive, over-doing it
This just cut off the bridge of communication (don't you guys realize?)
I believe this is where the conflicts arise

Don't ask people to follow certain rules that you don't even comply
Don't boost yourself if you don't even have the capability (Don't even try to)
Don't shut the communication down by showing your authority and power (People they are scare of you, that's not respect)
As a leader, communicate with the people around you; in turn, they will speak their minds to you, for the betterment

Everyone is learning
And I hope, everyone will be able to humble themselves, recognize their faults, and amend the broken ties

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