April 19, 2015

April 18 - Just A Little Bit More

I'm just left little bit more to reach my destination
Which is the end of university assignment days

Currently is working with my last 100% coursework subject - Developing Business
Interesting enough, I've getting more and more interested with the topic as I am writing on it
Not to throw to much academically onto you, its basically about a case study on Shell, the oil and gas company

My target was to finish it by Friday, which is yesterday
Yet I felt to sleep because of tiredness

I guess my target is achieved on today itself
Now I only left 80 words to cut to fulfill the word limitation (not more than 3,000 words)
My lecturer is very strict on word limit for this subject >.<

Hopefully I am able to cut down the words asap and submit it for plagiarism test
And put a full stop on it

Can't wait! >_<

And there will be celebration tomorrow.... for Milo
Hope everything will run smooth as we plan

Good night :)

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