April 25, 2015

April 25 - Newbie in da Twitter world

My Twitter Profile

After much thoughts, I've finally created a Tweeter account
(Is it a 'YAY'?)

I know how Twitter works for quite sometime
Like any other fans do
I get news about my favourite artists through Twitter

It isn't a closed-fact that
I am a big fan of Kim Jaejoong and BTS

In fact,
JJ has/had two Twitter accounts
One, I guess was hacked
Another he is still using

A few days earlier
Because I was so interested to know about a friend of mine
Something reminds me that he has a Twitter account
Betta' check

By reading his tweets
I found that actually Twitter can be reeaaaallyy cool
"Maybe I should join"
That was what I thought

But I didn't immediately created one
As I still don't think it is necessary to

'Til and then TODAY

Because BTS has an event on Twitter!

Basically it's about writing to them
To share about something happy and beautiful moments in your life
And they will read all the stories PERSONALLY!

How can I miss this?

Let's see.... what should I write then :/


Creating a Twitter account is just as easy as creating a Facebook account. Really :)
*Just in case you are afraid of the hassle*

Find me on Twitter : @skhelyt
If you have one, follow me ^~^

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