April 26, 2015

April 26 - Part. 1

If you have been reading from my Facebook and Twitter (oh yeah, I'm on it) today
You will briefly get the story behind here

Miin just went home yesterday.
So I have no one to go with, to church.
Therefore don't feel like going.
That's was what I told my sister.

Until around 10PM yesterday
Got a random Facebook pm from Jodee, asking whether am I attending Sunday service
Because she is staying back in hostel this week so she is finding people to go with

I told her I don't plan to go
But deep inside I know I HAVE to go

After much struggle (with myself basically)
I made up my mind - GOING

And I am really glad that I went
Because today a special speaker came, Ps. Andy
And I'm very much blessed with his sermon today

Deep down I know that God is speaking personally to me, and to Jodee

Speaking of myself,
Coming from a Christian-family background,
Not boosting but I really think I well-versed in Bible and Christianity

I always longing for something MORE
"Don't tell me things that I know; tell me something I DON'T"

In fact, nothing special about the topic of today's sermon
(although I must say Ps. Andy really has the talent of preaching, so "PREACH IT!")

God is still good. And you must surrender yourself to Him.

Then what?

It pin-pointed my problem in a Christian life there itself.

Why fear?
IGNORANCE .... because I don't know how God works. I can't relate any first-hand experience...
IDOLATRY .... "Yes God, but me first"

I know God is good in my brain
But I don't know it practical

That's why I surrender partially, not fully

Knowing the very fact that I don't trust God as I thought
I felt guiltiness in me
It must be hurtful for God as He always know me better than myself

Lesson today, and always a tough lesson for me is to surrender my ALL to Him
Including my future plans
Believing that He has greater and higher plans for me ahead

*Just for sharing purpose. And let us learn together. :)*

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