April 26, 2015

April 26 - Part. 2 Gmarket

Coming into Part. 2 of my day...

While waiting for my mum to call me back
I was reading some old blog posts of those I followed

An old-time church affiliates of mine last time
She wrote about her shopping experience on a Korean Online Shopping website

I know Gmarket has been operating for quite some time now
*since G-Dragon was the official endorser*
And Suk Xuan has also been telling me about her buying stuffs on Gmarket

So yeah
But I don't really fancy online shopping
Unless friends ask me whether I want to buy with them and share out the shipping costs (aww~ how good of me LOLS XD)

Up until now
So far I only got one online shopping experience I can relate about
It was on a Chinese Online Shopping website

I would always prefer to shop in stores :D

Back to the topic~

While reading Debbie's blog, I thought
"Yeah, why not browse it and have a look?"

Just with one click
And another... and another...
I made up an account hah :D

Just like any online home shopping website
It has almost everything on sale!

Apparels, Accessories, Electrical Appliances, Books, CDs, .... Cosmetic ^^

Now let me give you a glance on the variety of cosmetic in Korea!
And obviously, this is not the full list of them....

Korean Popular Artists as Cosmetic Brand Endorsers

It is just me or what?
Don't you think they look alike? o.O
The bare face look

Out of 12, how many artists can you recognize? :)
I can only tell 10. Haha

How can you forget Tony Moly? Yeah
Currently, HyunA of 4minute is the official endorser (whoots!)

Page view on Tony Moly's mini store @ Gmarket

I guess the most important thing to do after you login is to
change the currency setting
Otherwise you might have hard times checking the price of products

Just click on the currency sign on the top right hand
And you will be able to change to your home currency
The default should be in USD

Since I am living in Malaysia
Malaysian Ringgit (MYR) it is! :D

Step : To Change To Your Home Currency

Now let us proceed to look what are they selling....

Tony Moly : Product List

This is just the top part of the list (can't really snapshot the full one)

So as you can see
All products are listed in Korean Won, as well as your home currency (easy right?)

From time to time
Shops will give out offers, like discounts or points to collect

For more detail product info
You can always click on the product link (which is the full product name, beside its photo)

Shipping fee is free ONLY for local, meaning Korea
International shipping is damn expensive @@
(which makes online shopping not always attractive to me)
Gmarket shipping fee info here


So I guess that's about it for today
I'm not really meant for giving tutorials here actually
Just for sharing purpose
For those pretty young ladies out there who are as curious as I do ;)

Girls, you can always browse the website:
And explore yourself :)

Maybe next time you're the one sharing your experience with meyy :3
All da best!! ^^

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