April 16, 2015

April 16

I had my last Christian Fellowship (CF) meeting yesterday.
We had something different than what we used to have in usual CFs.
We sang songs in a circle, had sharing session with foods in our hands. ...

Since its Jodee and my last CF gathering, so we were asked to share something, like a short testimony.
Unlike Jodee who always have something prepared, I went there thinking to just speak up my mind, without a draft. I thought it should be something casual than formal.
So that's what I did.

In fact, I'm not too sure whether I have said things right. (I guess sometime speaking up from your mind doesn't really make any sense)
Well just being me, I shared about my first few experience being in CF, and meeting friends.
I would definitely say CF is cool to meet new friends, cause I'm a person really enjoy meeting friends, especially interesting ones. Fun to be with kinda friends.

Friendships that has been formed in CF are different from those outside, I feel.
We ARE like families.
That's what I felt.
Cause you are part of the family, somehow you will be able to mingle with all of the members eventually, and you will like them although everyone is different.

Summing up my feelings of leaving, only one word "sad".
Everything seems so untrue when it comes to leaving.
It's been 4 years I am here in Nilai University, and I am about to leave soon, to a place where no familiar faces.
I'm gonna miss here for sure.......
(Tell me you gonna miss me too :D)

Anyway, back to reality.
I still have an assignment to do before finals.
And exam is going to start next week.
So, I guess it's not advisable for me to hangout here for too long.

God bless ^^

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